Croissant Doughnuts

Hi, all! I will be at the  Winter Farmers’ Market at Agway (24 Maple Road) in Chelmsford, MA today from 10-2 with some newer menu items. I had a craving so I thought you might too! Some of these newbies include miniature strappleberry pies (strawberry apple), fluffy glazed doughnuts, tart raspberry turnovers, buttery christmas sugar cookies, and… CROISSANT DOUGHNUTS. You heard right. You might want to get there early to reserve yours. People can go a little crazy when there are croissant doughnuts around.

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Post-Thanksgiving Treats at the Agway Farmers’ Market

Thank you to everyone who ordered Humble Crumb goodies for their Thanksgiving feasts! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I am humbled to have been a part of it 🙂

And in case you haven’t had enough sweets yet, I will be at the Agway Farmers’ Market this Saturday at 24 Maple road in Chelmsford from 10-2! I’ve got the usual line-up, including mini apple pies, cinnamon rolls, toffee cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, fudge brownies, lemon-blueberry breads, sweet potato doughnuts and a few new items including some new doughnuts and Kringle! Come get a slice! I’ll see you there.

Thanksgiving Orders

It’s pie season! In my book, it is always pie season, and there is a pie for every season, and to every season… Okay I’ll stop. My point is that I make pies, and can make them for you for Thanksgiving, or for that family get-together coming up, or just for wednesday night dessert. And for those of you who aren’t big pie fans, but want a holiday-ish dessert to bring to Thanksgiving dinner, how about a lovely cheesecake? Cheesecakes can be made gluten-free (crust-less) and come classic, or topped with our lovely raspberry topping, chocolate ganache, even cranberry for just 5 dollars more. Or how about a simple cake? Might I suggest pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, or our delicious chocolate cake?

You can pre-order your pies, cheesecakes, cakes, cookies, pastries, and any other dessert (pumpkin streusel coffee cake anyone?) for Thanksgiving now online or at the farmers’ market today from 10:00-2:00 at Agway in Chelmsford, MA at 24 Maple Road. And don’t forget, I can even deliver it right to your door! Leave the baking to me this holiday!



Chelmsford Farm Fair

Hi Humble Crumb fans! We will be at the Chelmsford Farm Fair today at the old Barrett Byam House (40 Byam Road, South Chelmsford, MA) from 12-4. We hope to see all of you Chelmsfordians (and everyone else too!). There is fun to be had by all so don’t forget to stop by, grab a sweet potato doughnut, and maybe learn a little about historic Chelmsford.


Farmers’ Market Update

Hello there! I just wanted to let you all know that The Humble Crumb will no longer be appearing at the Chelmsford Farmers’ Market on Thursdays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, you can still order all your favorite goodies online and we can deliver them right to your door! How convenient is that?


(like this luscious order of peanut butter crackle cookies, toffee cookies, fudge brownies, and chocolate chip cookies!)

Enjoy your week.

Sweets for your Momma!

So I’m hoping you’re not just realizing now that it is Mother’s Day tomorrow… but if that is the case, never fear! Come down to Jone’s Farm at 246 Acton Road in Chelmsford today from 10-2 and pick something up for your dear mother! Be it a fudge brownie, a cranberry-orange scone, a raspberry danish, a lemon bar, a mini apple pie…

We’ve got something for everyone. I’ll see you there!


A Chocolate Tasting!

If you like chocolate, cats, and the Humble Crumb Bakery, you should come to the Billerica Cat Care Coalition’s chocolate tasting and silent auction fundraiser this friday night from 7:00-9:30 pm at the Tewksbury Country Club (1880 Main Street in Tewksbury, Ma)! On the menu, we’ve got chocolate truffle chunk cookies, chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, Nutella danish, chocolate cake, and Coke cake! There are also many other vendors participating so you are sure to get your chocolate fix. To purchase tickets, you can go on the BCCC website: We really hope to see you there! All you do is pay one price and then you can eat all the chocolate you want. Otherwise we’ll have to eat all the samples ourselves…

Come support kitty cats and stuff yourself with all things chocolate! You could even win an awesome raffle basket.



And the next day, we will be at Jones’ Farm for their farmers’ market, as usual, from 10-2! We’ll see you there with all of our usuals:

Spring Farmer’s Market Menu

        Pastries and Breakfast Items

croissant doughnuts

Danish- raspberry, cream, raspberry cream, Nutella


cinnamon rolls

sweet potato doughnuts


cranberry-orange scones

        Cookies and Bar Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

chocolate truffle chunk cookies

toffee cookies

lacy oatmeal cookies

fudge brownies

lemon bars


mini apple pies

mini pecan pies


mini beer bread

monkey bread


Hey, you all. Easter is a’coming, and if you don’t feel like baking, I sure wouldn’t mind! Come by Jone’s Farm for the farmers’ market between 10 am and 2 pm and try some of our carrot cake whoopie pies.


Or stop by for one of our delicious weekly staples:

Pastry: mini apple pies, croissant doughnuts, danish, sweet potato doughnuts, cinnamon toffee crackles, cinnamon rolls, cranberry orange scones, monkey bread

Cookies, bars, and squares: chocolate cake, fudge brownies, chocolate chip cookies, toffee cookies, lemon bars

Bread: mini dark beer bread, mini pull-apart sweet potato bread

Place your order for Easter today. Online or in person at the farmers market.



Come get a fresh Danish today at the Jone’s Farm Spring Farmers’ Market on Acton Road in Chelmsford from 10-2! There’s raspberry, cream, raspberry cream, Nutella… Plus we have all of our regulars (fudge brownies, toffee cookies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon bars, chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls, croissant doughnuts, cran-orange scones, mini apple pies, etc, and some newer stuff: sweet potato doughnuts and mini beer breads! Come get your favorite before it’s gone!