About / How it Works

How.            How it works!

  1. Peruse our MENU and CAKE MENU for options and starting prices.
  2. Go to the Order/Contact page and fill out the order form.
  3. All details of your order are finalized, including delivery/pickup availability and times. For delivery, the price starts at $25 per hour round trip. Pickup is currently typically arranged from Sarah’s home address in Athol, MA.
  4. Once all details have been finalized, you will then submit a payment. This is typically done via PayPal or (if time allows) by mailing a check. Once we have received payment, your order is confirmed.
  5. You receive your baked goods and joyfully consume. Repeat as often as needed!

Who.           The Humble Crumb is a bakery begun & run by none other than Sarah Ludwig. Sarah has a severe baking addiction and a love of making and sharing scrumptious desserts (and food in general) with everyone.

What.          The Humble Crumb is a small batch bakery specializing in the making of simple, delicious sweets, pastries, and baked goods of all sorts.

When.         The Humble Crumb was started in June of 2013.

Where.        The Humble Crumb does not currently have a store front location and is based out of Sarah’s registered home kitchen in Athol, Massachusetts. The Humble Crumb takes online orders for all occasions small and large and offers delivery service as well.

Why.            Because people ought to know what sweets were meant to taste like!

2 thoughts on “About / How it Works”

    1. Hi Linda,

      Unfortunately we don’t currently offer marble cake but if the order is for the near future, we may be able to make a cake with one layer of chocolate and one layer of vanilla. Feel free to fill out the contact form on this website and we can go from there.

      Thanks Linda.


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