Place Your Christmas Orders!

The Christmas season is upon us! So I just wanted to throw this quick post at you to say a few things:

1. Thank you to all my customers who made this year a great one for the Humble Crumb! You are the reason I do this and can continue to.

2. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope this season is a wonderful one for you.

3. If you need to place any last minute Christmas orders, today is the day to do so! I have suggestions (all desserts I love) if you are stuck:

Classic Cheesecake or with cranberry, strawberry, or raspberry

Red velvet cake or cupcakes (try with raspberry filling!)

Pumpkin cake or cupcakes (try with spiced or maple cream cheese buttercream!)

Perfect Chocolate cake OR cupcakes

Pound cake

Angel Food Cake

Let me know by the end of today to secure your orders, and have a lovely rest of the year!

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