Croissant Doughnuts

Hi, all! I will be at the  Winter Farmers’ Market at Agway (24 Maple Road) in Chelmsford, MA today from 10-2 with some newer menu items. I had a craving so I thought you might too! Some of these newbies include miniature strappleberry pies (strawberry apple), fluffy glazed doughnuts, tart raspberry turnovers, buttery christmas sugar cookies, and… CROISSANT DOUGHNUTS. You heard right. You might want to get there early to reserve yours. People can go a little crazy when there are croissant doughnuts around.

The full menu today is as follows.

Mini pies:

apple pies
strappleberry pies

lemon blueberry bread

raspberry turnovers
cinnamon toffee crackle

Doughnuts and Breakfast Pastries:
croissant doughnuts
glazed doughnuts
cinnamon rolls

Cookies and Bar Cookies:
fudge brownies
holiday cut-out sugar cookies
toffee cookies
chocolate chip cookies


Hope to see you there!

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