Boo! Oh sorry, didn’t mean to scare you, it’s just that we have a few specials this season you might want to hear about. Perfect for Halloween parties, for your coworkers, or for the kids at home or in your neighborhood! We hope you’ll indulge in these festive eats this season…

Halloween Candy Cookies– our double dark chocolate cookies with candy corn and candy-coated chocolates on top for a festive and delicious addition to the rich dark-chocolate classic – $18 for 2 dozen

Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts *NEW* – we don’t think there is any better way to enjoy pumpkin this year- these doughnuts are tender, loaded with pumpkin flavor, and gently baked $29 for 18 doughnuts

Witch’s Brew Lemon Bars – these freakishly green-hued bars are actually deliciously bright and lemony and only $29 for 32 bars

Mummy Brownies – complete with eyes & strung with white buttercream to look like mummies! $24 for 2 dozen

Candy Bar Pie – this delicious pie is what you’ve always hoped Halloween candy bars would taste like- rich double dark chocolate cookie crust, our own amazing always homemade caramel filling, and chocolate ganache glaze – $24 / 9″ pie


Halloween is only 2 weeks away so order soon at thehumblecrumbbakery.com!

Valentine’s Day!

Hi, folks! Just popping in to tell you about some specials we have going on for Valentine’s Day.

We’re breaking our own rules this holiday and bringing down some of the minimums to just 1 dozen, lowering prices, AND we’ve got the chocolatiest double dark chocolate egg and now gluten-free cookies we know anyone will love, in addition to all the major food groups, specifically trifle, cake, cookies, brownies, doughnuts, truffles…

And hey, if you’re not a big fan of the day, just think of it like we do- a good excuse to eat chocolate and treat your kids/mailman/friends/anyone you love to sweets like these!:

Raspberries and Cream Angel Food Cake Trifles– Each of these containers holds layers of our light a fluffy angel food cake, crushed raspberry filling, and perfectly sweetened whipped cream – each serves 1 (generously) to 2 people – 2 containers for $14

Chocolate Cocoa Truffles– melt in your mouth chocolate cream truffles- $12 / box of 15

Little White Heart ❤ Sugar Cookies – pull out the food coloring and paint brushes and let your kids create edible masterpieces! $9 / dozen (only $0.75 ea)

*Also available sugared, iced in pink or red, strawberry/raspberry buttercreamed, or in a giant heart size

*New* Gluten-free Double Dark Chocolate Cookies –the most satisfying and chocolate concoction you’ve ever tasted, now egg and gluten free! $8 / dozen

Chocolate Nutella ❤ Heart Cake – our fudgy chocolate cake, covered in ganache, finished with a Nutella buttercream border, single layer 8 inch / $18

*Feeding a crowd? We also have a 12 inch single layer heart cake for just $35

Little Heart ❤ Fudge Brownies – what’s not to love about fudge brownies? These are the perfect size for kids- $24 / 2 dozen

Red Velvet Cake Doughnuts– people who think red velvet is just dyed chocolate cake haven’t tried our red velvet- made only with real buttermilk and just a hint of cocoa, these doughnuts are unbelievably moist and flavorful and are baked fresh for you for just $21 / dozen

Free delivery to Chelmsford! Order by Tuesday to ensure a supremely delicious Valentine’s Day this year for you and yours.


We’re not sure how we got here again so fast but it is indeed Christmas time yet again!

We just wanted to reach out to let you know to please have your orders in by this coming Tuesday to ensure a delicious Humble Crumb Christmas!

Suggestions for a tasty holiday include, but are certainly not limited to:

Hot Chocolate Cream Pie – dark chocolate cookie crust, whipped chocolate ganache filling, marshmallow cream

Fudge Brownies – with or without Christmas sprinkles

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls – you might die and go to heaven

Ginger Cookies – amazing warmed and served with a glass of eggnog

Red Velvet Cupcakes or Cake – beautifully festive in color, always made with real buttermilk and a hint of Dutch cocoa enrobed in whipped vanilla buttercream, extra wonderful with tart raspberry tucked in between the layers

Let us know what we can do to make your holiday extra scrumptious this year. Cheers!


Hello there! We hope you all are doing well and enjoying the remnants of your Halloween candy.

It’s hard to believe that it is already upon us, but Thanksgiving is already less than 2 weeks away. If The Humble Crumb can do anything to make your holiday more delicious, please let us know by this coming Wednesday, the 14th,  to ensure that we can do it and to avoid a rush charge.

If you need ideas, our own celebrations will be graced by the appearances of classics like pumpkin pie (with an optional pecan pie sauce made of our own salted caramel with toasted pecans mixed in!) and new favorites like our chocolate cream pie, complete with our double dark chocolate cookie for the crust, light and rich chocolate mousse-like filling, and freshly whipped cream. Or you can even order sweet potato doughnuts and everyone will be extra thankful for you this year. No matter what you choose, you can’t lose. Just order soon!

We look forward to helping you this holiday season. Cheers!

Bakery Update

Hello again Humble Crumb fans, friends, and relations,


It is with sadness that we inform you that the property we have been pursuing as the home of The Humble Crumb for the past year has fallen through. After hundreds of hours of research and planning and phone calls, quotes from many wonderful contractors, help from bankers and lawyers and a wonderful real estate agent and many of you, we could not come to an agreement that was suitable for both parties at this time. Thus, we will not be opening in Chelmsford this summer as we had previously planned.
However, we will continue to provide you all with the baked goods you know and love for any and all occasions, and hand-deliver them right to you (remember, our delivery service is free to Chelmsford). Click the following link for our regular menu: https://thehumblecrumbbakery.com/menu/
And here for our cake menu: https://thehumblecrumbbakery.com/menu-cake-and-cupcakes/ or simply click on them in the orange bar above.
Thank you everyone who has supported us in any and every way along the way. We can’t wait to see what the next Humble Crumb venture will be. Until then, let us know if you need any baked goods, birthday cakes, pies, Danish, cinnamon rolls, buttery cookies, fudgy brownies, homemade granola, or anything else from our above menus.
Thanks again!
From Sarah Ludwig at The Humble Crumb Bakery

Thank you!

Hi everyone! We hope all mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who voted for us to win the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. Even though we didn’t win it this time, your daily support made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside because we know we have the best customers in the world. Without you, The Humble Crumb wouldn’t be possible. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stay tuned for more Humble Crumb news! And, of course, let us know if you need any cakes, cupcakes, or any assortment of treats to celebrate any and all occasions this Spring. We’re here for you!

Help Us Win the FedEx Small Business Grant!

        Hello Humble Crumb fans, friends, and relations!
        We write this post today to ask for your invaluable support and to bring you some news!
        If you would like to support our effort to win the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest, please click here to vote once every 24-hour period from now until next Wednesday, April 4th. Your support would be greatly appreciated!
        And now for the news: You may be wondering, why would we be interested in winning $25,000 for our business? Because we are projected to open our storefront location in Chelmsford late this summer! We plan to outfit the space to not only continue to serve the Humble Crumb baked goods you know and love, but also to offer baking classes for all ages and a line of take-and-bake items to be enjoyed from the comfort of home. And we need your help! Please, if you have a moment each day to vote for us, we would be truly grateful.
        Thank you, all!


Valentine’s Day


Hello again. Valentine’s Day is almost here. Even if you’re someone who dislikes all the commercial holiday hubbub, I think we can all agree it can be nice to have a day to set aside to show the people in our lives that we love them, whether it is a significant other, a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or just your friendly neighborhood postman!

And it is also a nice excuse to indulge in some delicious goodies like the ones we are featuring this year. And since our minimum orders for smaller items of one flavor are 2 dozen, there will be plenty to share and still some to spare. You know, for the cookie jar at home!

Valentines 2018 Menu

Heart-shaped sugar cookies – Whether you like the novelty of the large size or the cuteness of the small, or you like them iced with lemon or raspberry kissed buttercream or simply sprinkled with colorful sugar, you can’t go wrong with these soft, delicious, and classic cookies.

$1 – $1.50 for the small ($24 for 2 dozen sugared, $36 frosted)

$2.50 – $3 for the large ($60 for 2 dozen sugared, $72 frosted)

Chocolate Cream Pie– Our chocolate cream pie is more of a mousse than a pudding, is piled with freshly whipped cream, and the crust is made of our double dark chocolate cookies. Doesn’t that just sound awful?

$25 for a 9″ pie

Chocolate Truffle Cake– We think bestowing your loved ones with chocolate truffles on top of our perfectly chocolate cake is a pretty amazing upgrade from just boxed truffles. We recommend chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream filling, chocolate buttercream frosting, ganache dripped glaze, and a halo of homemade chocolate truffles around the top for the ultimate chocolate experience, but please click here for our cake menu for a full list of options, or simple contact us and we’ll talk it through and customize it for you.

8″ – $65 , 6″ – $50

Red Velvet Doughnuts – Our buttermilk red velvet cake doughnuts are baked to soft pillow-y perfection and lightly glazed. Their beautiful red color and perfectly subtle chocolate flavor are sure to win over any heart.

$60 for 2 dozen

Apple Pie or Cinnamon Rolls – For those that like their treats a little less sweet, what could be better than a classic apple pie or box of freshly made buttery cinnamon rolls?

$25 for a 9″ apple pie

$72 for 2 dozen cinnamon rolls

Of course you can order anything at all from our regular menu and cake menu, but order soon! The last day to place an order (and avoid the $25 rush fee) is Sunday, February 11th, so click here to contact us today and let us know how we can help you win hearts this year!


Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas!

Hello, folks! For those of you beginning your Hanukkah celebrations tonight, Happy Hanukkah to you!

Let us know if you should require our version of the classic sufganiyot, which for those of you who may now know) is a pillow-y doughnut filled with our own strawberry jam-like filling and dusted with powdered sugar. We have been baking our doughnuts but would be happy to fry them for you to keep with tradition.

And for those of you that celebrate Christmas, let us know if there is anything we can help you with this year. Some of our own holiday favorites and recommendations:

  • red velvet cupcakes with green buttercream and “snow” (white chocolate shard sprinkles) (also wonderful in cake form and/or with raspberry filling)
  • our fudgy chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream frosting, and a forest of candy canes on top
  • buttery brioche rolls for Christmas morning
  • good ol’ pumpkin pie
  • buttery Danish, with Nutella, Raspberry, Strawberry, or cream filling (or our favorite, raspberry and cream)
  • white out doughnuts – soft and pillowy with a creamy, fluffy, marshmallow-kissed filling, rolled in powdered sugar
  • cookies! Any kind really, snowballs, or sugar cookies, shaped sugar cookies, gingerbread, or good ol’ chocolate chip, you can’t go wrong.

No matter what you choose, from our recommendations or from our regular menu or cake menu, so long as you order by Monday December 18th, this coming Monday. We may be able to fill your order after this time, but we also may not, so don’t wait!

Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your holidays a little happier!



Hello there! We hope your Fall is going swimmingly and that you all had a spooky Halloween (or you will on Friday because you lost your power).

We just wanted to put it out there that it is never too early to order for Thanksgiving. Our personal favorites on the Thanksgiving table include classics…

  • good ol’ apple pie! sweet, appley, with a touch of cinnamon baked inside buttery pastry
  • pumpkin crumb cake – the perfect pumpkin cake topped with crumbly buttery struesel
  • Anything  pumpkin! Pumpkin cupcakes, cake, or whoopie pies, especially with maple buttercreammmm)

a few refreshing bright and fruity options…

  • strawberry crumble – chopped strawberries gently cooked under buttery streusel crumbs
  • lemon tart! – perfectly tart and bright, lovely in a shortbread crust or the classic pie crust, complete with whipped cream

and we always like to have something chocolaty.

  • double dark chocolate cookies! – a perfectly chocolaty craving crusher every time
  • fudgy chocolate cake! – the cake version of our chocolate cookies – always satisfies!
  • chocolate cream pie – the crust is made of our double dark chocolate cookies, filled with whipped chocolate mousse, and topped with whipped cream. It’s too good.

Check out our cake menu and regular menu and send us an email @ thehumblecrumbbakery@gmail.com and we’ll help you out with all of your Thanksgiving baking needs. And don’t forget, you can get free delivery to Chelmsford the day before! Our goal is that you’ll never have to lift a finger or set a foot outside your door to bake this holiday season.

We hope to hear from you soon!