Valentine’s Day Box Special

Hey, folks! Check out our latest delicious deal coming your way for Valentine’s Day!

For more information about each deliciously crave-able item, please read below the ads.


In other words…

*CAUTION* Reading the following may cause you to drool *CAUTION*

2 soft subtle maraschino cherry giant sugar cookie hearts with cherry glaze, gold sugar, and heart design with love script. Yes, they are as soft, sweet, and tasty as they are pretty

3 deliciously double dark chocolate (with hints of espresso!) heart shaped-cookies that will stop any chocolate craving in its tracks
A baked chocolate cake doughnut with pink glaze and sprinkles- the most delicious version you’ve ever had of a classic chocolate doughnut
A chocolate whoopie pie cupcake with our addictive whipped marshmallow- buttercream whoopie pie filling
A brownie sundae inspired chocolate fudge brownie, complete with “hot” fudge, perfectly sweetened whipped cream,  a cherry, and shaved chocolate sprinkles
And last, but certainly not least, a mini version of our chocolate salted caramel tart- our double dark chocolate cookie makes the most amazing crust which is filled with our amazing silky creamy salted caramel and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache and a halo of Swedish pearl sugar- it’s like the most rich and amazing candy bar you’ve ever had, but bigger
Order yours today to share with your family at home, your friends at the office, your galentine, your significant other, or anyone you think could use a little more love in their lives this Valentine’s Day. Upgrade the flowers and stale box of chocolates this year to something truly delicious and unforgettable!

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